Finding the "Why" Behind Your Business.

In this months KEYS to Business Growth event, we will be discussing the power of a strong "Why". How it can help provide clarity, inspiration and guidance to your business and employees.

As business leaders, we need to be able to help our teams connect to something deeper than what we do, they need to understand why we do it. Your company‚Äôs ability to retain top talent and drive high performance is dependent on it. 

Join us as we discuss the value of a strong "Why" and "Purpose" with Corey Denicola, CEO of Mainstream Boutiques.

Featured Speaker

Corey DeNicola


Mainstream Boutique

Tuesday, January 28th

at 11:00am (CST)

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KEYS to Business Growth Series

The KEYS to Business Growth Series, is aimed at bringing you new solutions, ideas, and approaches that can help your business thrive in 2020. Each month we will bring a topic to help shift your paradigm or solve an issue you may be dealing with. 

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